Strengthening Medicare General Practice Grants Program

Applications for the Strengthening Medicare General Practice Grants Program closed on 1 November 2023

GP Grants Information

About GP Grants

Eligible* general practices were able to apply for one-off grants of $25,000, $35,000 or $50,000 (based on practice size and accreditation status) to make improvements to their practices - expand patient access and provide better, safe, and accessible, quality primary care - as part of the Strengthening Medicare General Practice Grants Program.
The Grants were available for investments in innovation, training, equipment, and minor capital works in one or more of the three investment streams including:

  1. Enhancing digital health capability – to fast-track the benefits of a more connected healthcare system in readiness to meet future standards. 
  2. Upgrading infection prevention and control arrangements – to support the safe, face to face assessment of patients with symptoms of potentially infectious respiratory diseases (e.g., COVID, influenza). 
  3. Maintaining and/or achieving accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Standards for General Practices, under the General Practice Accreditation Scheme – to promote quality and safety in general practice.
For guidance on items in each investment stream please see our GP Grants Investment Stream Activities Guidance resource. 

*Medicare general practices, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) that deliver general practice services and are not owned or operated by a state, territory or local government agency or body. Please note eligible ACCHS will be able to apply for the GP Grants through the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). 

How to apply for a GP Grant?

Applications closed 1 November 2023

Eligibible practices were able to apply for a GP Grant up until 1 November 2023. Applications have now closed. In Western Australia, WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) will administer the Grants to general practices on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Step 1: Update practice details and nominate an authorised representative in the survey emailed to them on Wednesday 19 April
Step 2:  Register as a supplier in WAPHA’s ASPIRE platform (link will be sent to practices following the completion of step 1)
Step 3:     Complete the GP Grants Application form (in ASPIRE)

Read the Minister for Health and Aged Care’s General Practice Grants Letter of Invitation to Apply for a GP Grant to understand more about the Program and the requirements of the application process.  

Key program dates



GP Grant applications open, agreements executed, and funding paid From 24 April 2023
Grantees undertake investment activities in accordance with their Grant agreements From Grant agreement – 30 June 2024
GP Grant applications close Existing practices: 15 June 2023
New Practices: 1 November 2023
Program ends on 30 June 2024. Grantees must spend the Grant before the end date of the Program 30 June 2024
At the end of the Program, Grantees return completed evaluation form and financial acquittal report form to the PHN Prior to 31 July 2024 

GP Grants Information & Resources

Helpful links and documentation

Supplier Registration (ASPIRE) – Manuals & Support Tools

GP Grants - Supplier Registration Video

Submit your Grant Application (ASPIRE) - Manuals & Support Tools

Resources and links

GP Grant Closure Activities - Resources

At the end of the Program, practices are required to complete an online financial acquittal form, listing Grant funding expenditure and an online self-evaluation form to indicate how the grant has improved your practice in line with the Program objectives.
We encourage practices to make every effort to complete the online forms as soon as practicable after the grant funding has been spent on eligible activities, and no later than 31 July 2024 for completion of all reporting against the program.
The links to the forms can be found below: 

When completing the above forms you will need your Agreement ID number, this can be found on the purchase order that was supplied by WAPHA. We have linked an example purchase order highlighting where to locate your Agreement ID number here.

You will also need to select which Primary Health Network (PHN) your practice is in. This can be identified from the 3 letters at the start of your Agreement ID number:

  • PRN – Perth North
  • PRS – Perth South
  • CWA – Country WA

If you have any difficulties locating this information, please do not hesitate to email

Help & Support

Help & support

If you have a query about the GP Grants Program, the table below will help you determine the best contact to assist you.

Your query is ….. Example… Direct to…..
A technical issue
  • Difficulty registering as a supplier
  • Log in issues
  • Problems lodging an application
  • Need to update details previously lodged i.e. bank details
Please contact GP Grants team at
A general question about the GP Grants Program
  • Questions about the application process, dates, investment streams or examples
  • General query about the Program
Please contact Practice Assist on 1800 2 ASSIST (1800 2 277 478)
A specific question regarding the GP Grants Program
  • Grant payments, invoicing / finance queries
  • Eligibility criteria
Please contact GP Grants team at
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