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APNA Nurse Awards

Would you like to nominate a nurse hero?

If you know an experienced or recently graduated primary health care nurse who never fails to inspire you with their exceptional work ethic, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award.

Nominations are now open for the APNA Nurse of the Year and APNA Recently Graduated Nurse of the Year. Anyone can nominate, including a manager, co-worker, friend or patient (self-nomination is also accepted), and nominations close on Friday, November 2, 2018.

To read the full criteria, please click here.

To nominate, please click here.


PIP no longer sending accreditation reminder letters

The Department of Human Services recently advised Practice Incentives Program (PIP) participants that it will no longer be sending reminder letters to practices telling them to renew their accreditation.

Please ensure that you are aware of the expiry date of your practice’s accreditation, and that you register for your next round of accreditation with sufficient time to complete the process.

Accreditation agencies will usually begin reminding their clients to register for accreditation 18 to 12 months prior to their accreditation expiry date. However, as accreditation is mandatory to maintain eligibility for PIP, we encourage practices to ensure they are aware of their own timelines, and register with sufficient time to achieve re-accreditation.


RACGP's General Practice: Health of the Nation 2018 launched

For the second year, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has compiled its annual health check-up on general practice, showing the areas where Australia’s primary healthcare system continues to thrive, while also highlighting areas of concern.

The General Practice: Health of the Nation report focusses on key areas such as patient access to general practice, the role of the general practitioner, and the general practice workforce.

You can download and read the report by clicking here.


Accreditation tip - understanding CPR requirements

The unavailability of evidence that confirms all staff in a practice have undertaken appropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, within the last three years, is a common noncompliance during an accreditation assessment. While CPR training has usually been completed by clinical staff as part of their annual continuing professional development requirements, it is the training of administrative staff that seems to raise issues for practices.

The Standards require that all practice staff have completed CPR training within the last three years or, in the case of clinical team members, in accordance with the recommendations of the professional organisation, and evidence of this training must be available to your accreditation agency and surveyor team. For a GP, completion of CPR training can often be confirmed as part of a QI&CPD statement, which will usually indicate whether a CPR activity has been completed. However, for other clinical and non-clinical staff, a certificate or other evidence will be required to confirm CPR training has been undertaken.

The training must be provided by an appropriate trainer with a CPR instructor’s certificate that complies with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines on instructor competencies. Training of colleagues can be provided by a member of your clinical team, providing this person has the appropriate CPR instructor’s certificate. Alternatively, the practice may wish to engage an accredited training provider.

Online training is not deemed acceptable for CPR training as the ARC requires that trainees physically demonstrate their skills on completion of the course.

When preparing for accreditation, practices should ensure that all members of staff have completed CPR training within the last three years, and that documentary evidence of completion is available. It is worthwhile checking this early on in your preparations, in case training needs to be completed prior to your survey visit. Making the CPR certificate part of an induction checklist will ensure that you are aware of the training status of all new staff. You may also wish to put CPR training on an annual training plan: this will ensure you regularly check the currency of CPR training for all staff, and are able to schedule training for those who require it.

Useful links:

RACGP Standards for general practices 5th ed Criterion C8.1
RACGP Standards for general practices 5th ed Criterion GP3.1
Australian Resuscitation Council


Immunisation Update

The digital Australian Immunisation Handbook is now available

The digital Australian Immunisation Handbook is now available. In the online version, you will find the most up-to-date recommendations for the use of vaccines in Australia, equipping you with the best possible advice regarding vaccine preventable diseases.

Please refer to the Digital Handbook from now on instead of the hard copy version, which is no longer current. While the Handbook will be online, those working offline or without internet connection will be able to download relevant sections to their devices, or for printing.

The Digital Immunisation Handbook can be found on the Practice Assist website, under Guidelines and resources from the Australian Government (on the RACGP Standards and Other Resources page), as well as under the Australian Immunisation Register section on the Programs and National Schemes page. Alternatively, you can view it by clicking here.

Immunisation services at the Perth Children’s Hospital

The Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) offers two Immunisation Services for the WA community.

Immunisation Centre

The new Immunisation Centre at the PCH was officially launched by the WA Health Minister Hon Roger Cook on 14 August 2018. Funded by the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, hospital patients and their families can readily access immunisations on the WA immunisation schedule free of charge, through a dedicated nurse-led centre. Many children attending the hospital, including those with chronic medical conditions, are overdue for important routine vaccinations. The Immunisation Centre (located on Level 1 of the hospital, and open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm) aims to ensure that children and their families have access to this service free of charge and with no appointment or referral required.

Specialist Immunisation Clinic

The Specialist Immunisation Clinic will operate one day a week at PCH and will provide clinical care (including telehealth services) for:

  • Children with complex immunisation requirements, including those with high risk medical conditions requiring individualised immunisation plans
  • Children who have experienced or are at risk of an adverse events following immunisation (AEFI)
  • Children and adolescents with severe needle phobia or those who are unable to be vaccinated in the community
  • Vaccine-hesitant families 
  • ·Travel advice and vaccination only for children with medical comorbidities

This Specialist Immunisation Clinic is conducted by a paediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant and dedicated Immunisation nurse and requires a medical referral via central referral system. For referral templates, please click here.

For further information, please visit, email or call the PCH switchboard on 08 6456 2222 and ask for the Stan Perron Immunisation Centre.

Doctors may ask to speak directly with the Infectious Diseases Consultant (on call) via the switchboard.

New Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) eLearning education modules available

As mentioned in Practice Connect #52, the Department of Human services (DHS) has published five new Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) eLearning education modules, to help vaccination providers understand how to access and use AIR site and record vaccination episodes.

The five modules provide detailed steps and screen shots to help with:

  • Registering and requesting access to the AIR site
  • Accessing the AIR site for the first time
  • Submitting information to the AIR
  • Recording overseas immunisations
  • Recording immunisation medical exemptions

The AIR eLearning modules can be accessed at any time via the Programs and National Schemes page on the Practice Assist website, or directly by clicking here.


HealthPathways update

Placement opportunities for registrars are now available within the HealthPathways team. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work one or two days per week on the HealthPathways program as a GP Reviewer. The role will be focused on reviewing HealthPathways localised to WA and will be supervised by a GP Accredited Supervisor.

To see the Information Sheet for GP Registrars for further clarification about the placement, and contact information for expressions of interest, please click here.

If you are not already using HealthPathways and wish to access it, please contact your WA Primary Health Alliance Primary Health Liaison, or email the HealthPathways team at

HealthPathways events can be found in the Education and training section of this newsletter.


My Health Record update

My Health Record: Who has authority to upload information?

Under the My Health Records Act 2012, healthcare provider organisations are authorised to upload information to the My Health Record System. This means that there is no requirement for a healthcare provider to obtain consent on each occasion prior to uploading clinical information, unless the patient specifically asks for the document not to be uploaded. There is also no requirement for a healthcare consumer to review clinical information prior to it being uploaded.

It may be considered good clinical practice to advise a patient that you will be uploading information to their My Health Record, particularly if this information might be considered sensitive. This approach is recommended by the Australian Medical Association in its guide to using the My Health Record system (section 4.5).

Situations where documents should not be uploaded

If a healthcare consumer specifically asks a healthcare provider organisation not to upload particular documents or information to their My Health Record, the healthcare provider organisation must comply with the person’s request. This is a condition of your organisation’s registration with the My Health Record system. You can advise the patient about the potential risks of excluding information from their My Health Record and explain the benefits of ensuring all information is included. However, you must comply with their final decision, and not upload the information, if this is requested.

Opportunities for patient education sessions in your practice

With seven weeks left of the opt-out period, which ends on November 15, there is still time for healthcare providers to explore the benefits of My Health Record with their patients. To support this, the WA Primary Health Alliance My Health Record team has recently added consumer information sessions in general practices to its range of community engagement activities. This is an excellent way for your patients, as well as your staff, to learn about, and discuss, the benefits of My Health Record with our dedicated trainers.

If you are interested in hosting a consumer session for your patients, or would like to discuss other options (such as our My Health Record team facilitating an information stall at your practice), please contact our team of trainers at


NPS MedicineWise update

Virtual visiting service

NPS MedicineWise is always thinking of new ways to make its independent, evidence-based information accessible to busy GPs. It offers a suite of free online resources, as well as health professional education delivered direct to GPs through Virtual Visits.

A Virtual Visit is an accredited, interactive discussion of a therapeutic topic, delivered by videoconference.  Doctors can nominate their preferred time and preferred videoconferencing technology e.g. Skype, Scopia, FaceTime, etc.

A one-to-one Virtual Visit takes 30 minutes and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time – be that before, during or after work hours.

NPS MedicineWise Virtual Visits are accredited (typically 2 Category 2 RACGP points or 1 core point with ACRRM).  They also count towards the Quality Prescribing Initiative (QPI) Practice Incentive Payment (PIP), offered by the Federal Government. 

The current therapeutic topic available to be delivered as a Virtual Visit is Low Back Pain, and further information can be found by clicking here.

More information

For further information about NPS MedicineWise and its free, accredited professional development, please visit the website at

To book a Virtual Visit, contact Nicole Humphry, NPS MedicineWise Co-ordinator on 08 6272 4921 or by email

Further information about the QPI PIP is available on the Practice Assist fact sheet, found by clicking here.


B4BA Survey: Assess the availability, quality and reliability of internet and telehealth services in Australia

The Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA), with assistance from the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University and support from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is doing a national survey to evaluate people’s access to internet, telecommunications services and understanding of new accredited health services available via the internet.

A significant effort has been made to increase the availability of internet access and telehealth services in Australia during the past several years and B4BA is keen to evaluate the impact of this investment. This survey is intended to capture people’s experience of internet access and telehealth across Australia. 

Participation in this survey would be appreciated, and the survey can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information on The Broadband for the Bush Alliance, please click here.


Royal Perth Hospital Orthopaedics: shoulder referral changes

Referral for Shoulder impingement/bursitis with no rotator cuff tear on ultrasound and a normal X-ray will now only be accepted at RPH with evidence of previous unsuccessful conservative management including:

  • At least two ultrasound-guided sub acromial injections with local anaesthetic and steroid (unless contraindicated) AND
  • 3 months of physiotherapy AND
  • Ongoing symptoms despite the above management of sufficient severity to warrant referral to an orthopaedic surgeon.

Referrals must include the US and X-ray reports and documentation of conservative management trialled to date.

Conservative management guidelines for GPs (not yet localised for WA) are available on the HealthPathways webpage under Orthopaedics/Musculoskeletal/shoulder pain, which can be found by clicking here.


Bentley Hospital Maternity Unit GP News

The Bentley Maternity Unit GP Newsletter includes a range of helpful information for GPs, including items on the Medicare Enrolment Project which offers automatic registration of Bentley Hospital newborns in Medicare +/- for a My Health Record; and on Vitamin D supplementation in newborns.

The team are happy to accept low risk antenates who live out of catchment for GP shared care, including country antenates who may have family in the Bentley area, and would like to deliver there. For further information, please click here.

To read the newsletter, please click here.


Jean Hailes Presentation Library survey

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is developing a Presentation Library to support health professionals and health educators in delivering education to women around Australia. The Jean Hailes Presentation Library will be developed by a team of clinicians and educators and will draw on the latest evidence-based health information. The presentations will address a range of important women’s health topics, spanning the various life ages and stages, and will aim to cater for a variety of health literacy levels.

They would like to hear from you, and other health professionals and educators, to help guide the development of these resources and ensure they are useful, relevant and practical for your educational and health promotion activities. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes and can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information on Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, please visit  


Asthma and Rhinitis Control Trial

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in collaboration with the National Asthma Council Australia, University of Sydney, Curtin University, University of Tasmania, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, and the George Institute for Global Health, is embarking on a national research project that may be of interest to general practices across New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania, and the 10% of Australians at risk of uncontrolled asthma.

Funded by the Federal Department of Health, the Pharmacy Trial Program - Asthma and Rhinitis Control (PTP-ARC) project addresses the need to improve clinical outcomes for patients with uncontrolled asthma by engaging patients at the pharmacy and GP level and facilitating the collaboration across pharmacy and general practices. It is expected that, as a result of this research, more people with poorly controlled asthma will be identified, medications will be used more appropriately and more people will be referred to the GP for a review of their poorly controlled asthma.

The trial is a culmination of 16 years of asthma research and targets three key factors associated with uncontrolled asthma:

  • Poor adherence, characterised by underuse of preventer medication and/or overuse of reliever medication;
  • Suboptimal inhaler technique; and/or
  • Uncontrolled allergic rhinitis.

The Woolcock Institute is currently recruiting general practices who might be interested in having their patients’ asthma control reviewed. For any further information, please contact or call 02 9114 0455.

To view the project summary, please click here


Education and training

Visit our Webinars & Workshops page at for more events in your area.

These events are often in high demand, so we recommend registering as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!


HR Masterclass and Front of House Training: HR & Communication – 5 & 6 October

AHIG Training presents an HR masterclass, and a front-of-house communication workshop, facilitated by David Wenban, a practising lawyer with extensive experience in health and community services. The full-day masterclass will cover HR topics including performance management, use of social media, privacy, and effective management, while the half day training will include team culture, workplace standards, telephone etiquette, and managing data.

Date:                Friday, 5 October 2018   
Time:               11.00am – 5.30pm
Venue:            Citiplace Community Centre, Upper Level Walkway, City Station Complex, Cnr Barrack & Wellington Streets, Perth
Cost:                $220.00
Register:        To register, please click here

Date:                Saturday, 6 October 2018   
Time:               9.00am – 1.00pm
Venue:            Citiplace Community Centre, Upper Level Walkway, City Station Complex, Cnr Barrack & Wellington Streets, Perth
Cost:                $220.00
Register:        To register, please click here

For more information, please click here


Black Dog Institute Perinatal in Practice – 6 October (Northam) & 24 November (Albany)

Learn about the current understanding of perinatal mood disorders and its management, using lecture, case studies and interactive exercises. Thanks to the generosity of CBH Group, Black Dog Institute is offering significantly reduced-cost workshops in regional areas across Western Australia.

Date:               Saturday, 6 October 2018   
Time:               9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue:            Northam Recreation Centre, 44 Peel Terrace, Northam WA 6401
Cost:                $50.00
Register:        To register, please click here

Date:               Saturday, 24 November 2018   
Time:               9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue:            Masters Builders, 30 Graham St, Albany WA 6330
Cost:                $50.00
Register:        To register, please click here

These sessions are suitable for Allied Health providers, Nurses, Midwives, Counsellors, GP Registrars, GPs and Psychologists.

These sessions have 40 Category 1 RACGP QI&CPD points, 6 hours CPD for Australian Association of Social Workers, and are a CPD Recognised Activity for the Australian College of Midwives.


Aged Care: Making Sense of a Complex System

An education event for GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Practice Managers and Allied Health Professionals, presented by Belmont Neighbourhood Care in partnership with the Bentley Health Service and WA Primary Health Alliance.

Presentations include:

  • Navigating the Aged Care System by Alison Morcombe, Senior Social Worker, Department of Aged Care and Rehabilitation at Bentley Health Service
  • Optimising the Care of the Older Patient - Overview of Services and Collaboration with Primary Care by Dr P. K. Loh, Department of Aged Care and Rehabilitation at Bentley Health Service
  • Overview of NDIS and its Impact for Aged Care by Judy Manfrin, Assistant Director Planning and SUpport Coordination, National Disability Insurance Agency

Date:               Tuesday, 9 October, 2018
Time:              Presentations from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (registration from 6.00pm)
Venue:           Centenary Park Community Centre, 105 Daly St, Belmont
Cost:               Free (a light meal will be provided)
Register:       To register, please click here
RSVP:             by October 5, 2018

For more information, please click here.


Hepatitis C CPD update: Management and treatment in primary care & drug and alcohol settings (webinar) – 10 October

Primary Care Providers and those working in drug and alcohol settings interested in furthering their knowledge on hepatitis C should attend this latest treatment update. A leading specialist will present up to the minute data on HCV in Australia, innovations in models of care, lead an in-depth discussion on treatment decision making in light of new pangenotypic regimes, as well as present case studies including advanced issues such as coinfection.

This evening will be presented by Professor Gregory DoreHead Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program, The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney. For more information, you can access the event flyer by clicking here.

Date:                   Wednesday, 10 October, 2018
Time:                  3.30pm – 6.30pm (AWST) 
Venue:               Online
Cost:                   Free
Register:           To register, please click here


HIV PrEP Update for GPs and Practice Nurses – 10 October

This training will provide GPs, nurses and health professionals working in primary care an update on strategies available for the prevention of HIV transmission, focusing on prevention particularly pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). This program will also include an STI update and WA AIDS Council session covering a health consumers perspective around PrEP.

Date:               Wednesday, 10 October, 2018   
Time:               6.15pm – 9.30pm (registration from 6.15pm)
Venue:            Fraser Suites Perth, 10 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004
Cost:                Free
Register:       To register, please click here


Women’s Health Strategy & Programs 2018 – 15 October & 7 November

The Women’s Health Strategy & Programs provides training to improve the health and safety of families in WA Health. Please refer to the table below for upcoming sessions in 2018.

Session Date Time Location
The Uses and Misuses of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Monday, 15 October, 2018 9.00am – 1.30pm Special Dining Room, KEMH, Subiaco WA 6008
The Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale Wednesday, 7 November, 2018
9.00am – 1.30pm Special Dining Room, KEMH, Subiaco WA 6008

For more information, please click here. From this page, you can also register by scrolling to the bottom of the page to find Bookings and download a Registration form.


Obesity Collaborative Summit – 17 October

Health Networks is hosting the Obesity Collaborative Summit to bring people together to build an Action Plan for WA Health focusing on the early intervention and management of overweight and obesity over the next 3 to 5 years. If you have an interest in helping us tackle this critical issue and are a health professional in public or community services; work in health planning, policy, or commissioning; or related health, community, and social areas then come along and help us build a healthier WA.

The Hon. Roger Cook MLA, Minister for Health, will deliver the keynote address and bring his enthusiasm and passion for this topic to set the scene for an energising discussion about the future of WA.

You can either attend our face-to-face Obesity Collaborative Summit or join one of the online workshops to share your thoughts on how we can work together to create a better weight management experience for Western Australians.

Date:               Wednesday, 17 October, 2018
Time:              8.30am - 4.00pm (doors open 8.00am)
Venue:            Duxton Hotel, 1 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Cost:               Free
Register:        To register, please click here

Online workshops

Date:              Tuesday, 23 October, 2018
Time:             11.00am - 12.00pm
Venue:           Online (connect via GoToMeeting)
Cost:               Free
Register:       To register, please click here

Date:              Thursday, 25 October, 2018
Time:              2.00pm - 3.00pm
Venue:           Online (connect via GoToMeeting)
Cost:               Free
Register:       To register, please click here


Cracks in the Ice: In the Frontline – 17 October (webinar)

The next Cracks in the Ice webinar will focus on supporting frontline workers with key information and resources about crystal methamphetamine. The webinar will be presented by Allan Trifonoff and Roger Nicholas from the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA).

Date:                Wednesday, 17 October, 2018
Time:               9.00am – 10.00am (WST) (12.00pm – 1.00pm AEDT)
Venue:            Online
Cost:                Free
Register:        To register, please click here


Introducing the six steps to cardiac recovery – 19 October

This session, hosted by the Heart Foundation and targeted at nurses working with patients after cardiac events, will provide education on resources for six steps to cardiac recovery, information all patients should know after their cardiac event, and what's new at the Heart Foundation. It provides the opportunity for nurses to hone their education skills and understand behaviour change. To view the flyer, please click here.

Date:               Friday, 19 October, 2018
Time:              8.30am – 12.00pm (morning tea provided)
Venue:            Heart Foundation Board Room, 334 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco
Cost:               Free
RSVP:              by 9 October, 2018
Register:        To register, please email


Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention Facilitator / Trainer Course – 18 & 19 October

The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders are proud to offer this course with the permission of Dr Eric Stice at the Oregon Research Institute.  The two interventions covered in a two-day course: Body Project & Project Health, have been developed and used at Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Oregon Research Institute.
Date:                Thursday, 18 October and Friday, 19 October, 2018
Time:               9.30am – 5.00pm each day
Venue:            Level 1, 863 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000
Cost:                $825.00
Register:        To register, and for more information, please click here


BreastScreen WA’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast – 22 October

BreastScreen WA (BSWA) is holding the annual Pink Ribbon breakfast with keynote speakers Professor Christobel Saunders AO, MBBS, FRCS, FRACS, FAAHMS, and Kathleen Mazella OAM.

Date:                Monday, 22 October, 2018
Time:               Breakfast from 7.30am – 9.00am (registration from 7.00am)
Venue:            Fraser’s Function Centre, Kings Park
Cost:                $40.00 (inc GST)
RSVP:              by Tuesday, 16 October, 2018
Register:        To register, please click here

For further information, please email BreastScreen WA or phone (08) 9323 6707.


Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions Project Findings – 24 October

If you are a GP interested in expanding your professional knowledge on alcohol screening and brief interventions, please consider attending the Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) Grand Round to hear presentations on the Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Project, which was carried out with the WAPHA funding in 2017-208 at Fiona Stanley and Rockingham General Hospitals. The presentation will cover burden of alcohol in Australia and project overview, patient and staff attitudes, research evaluation results, clinical impact and operational feasibility and future directions.

Date:               Wednesday, 24 October 2018   
Time:               12.00pm – 1.00pm (registration from 11.50am)
Venue:            Fiona Stanley Hospital, Education, Lecture Theatre G.1
Cost:                Free
Register:       To register, please click here (RSVP by 28 September 2018)


The business of general practice – 27 October

RACGP WA presents a comprehensive, one-day workshop focussing on the business of general practice. The program is delivered by subject matter experts who will share their knowledge and personal experiences. Hosted by Dr Sean Stevens, Chair, RACGP WA and Chair, RACGP Specific Interests Business of General Practice Network, the day also includes an in-depth session on My Health Record.

Date:                Saturday, 27 October, 2018
Time:                9.30am to 3.30pm (registration from 8.30am)
Venue:             Bendat Centre, 36 Dodd St, Wembley
Cost:                 RACGP members early bird (ends 7 October) $66, RACGP members $99, Non-member $129
Register:        To register, please click here


Clinical software training with Katrina Otto – 29 to 31 October & 1 November

Practice staff using either Best Practice, or Medical Director, clinical software systems are invited to attend these free training sessions. Presented by Katrina Otto, principal and owner of Train IT Medical, key topics will include clinical coding, essential clinical data entry, improving effective use and data quality, and clinical assessment focusing on chronic disease management.
Registrations close at 5pm on October 25.

Session Date Time Venue Register
Medical Director Monday, 29 October 2018 9.00am – 12.00pm WA Primary Health Alliance
Level 2, 2-5, 7 Tanunda Drive, Rivervale
Best Practice Monday, 29 October 2018 1.00pm – 4.00pm WA Primary Health Alliance
Level 2, 2-5, 7 Tanunda Drive, Rivervale
Medical Director Tuesday, 30 October 2018 12.30pm – 3.30pm Abbey Beach Resort, 595 Bussell Highway, Busselton
Best Practice Wednesday, 31 October 2018 10.00am – 1.00pm Abbey Beach Resort, 595 Bussell Highway, Busselton
Best Practice Thursday, 1 November, 2018 10.00am – 1.00pm WA Primary Health Alliance
Level 2, 2-5, 7 Tanunda Drive, Rivervale


Paediatrics GP Education Event – 3 November

An opportunity to tour the new hospital and get the most up-to-date information on the latest research, presented by Perth Children's Hospital in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance and HealthPathways WA. 

Date:                 Saturday 3 November 2018
Time:                Presentations from 8.30am to 4.00pm (registration from 8.00am)
Venue:              Perth Children's Hospital, 15 Hospital Ave, Nedlands
Catering:         Morning tea and lunch will be provided
Register:         To register, please click here
RSVP:               by 26 October, registrations are essential
For further information, please click here

Participants may be eligible for 40 Category 1 RACGP QI&CPD points, or 30 ACRRM PDP points.         


Protecting Brains and Bones: What a GP Needs to Know – 10 November

Presented by Osborne Park Hospital in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance and HealthPathways WA

Date:               Saturday 10 November 2018
Time:               Presentations from 8.30am to 3.30pm (registration from 8.00am)
Venue:             University Club, UWA, Crawley WA 6009, free parking available at Entrance 1, Carpark 3
Catering:       Morning tea and lunch will be provided
Register:       To register, please click here

Registrations are essential. RSVP by Friday 2 November 2018.

This event has 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points.

Education sessions include:

  • Early diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s Disease by Dr Barry Vieira
  • Early diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of dementia by Dr Brendan Foo
  • Acute stroke and TIA, early diagnosis and management by Dr Kien Chan
  • Diagnosis and management of osteoporosis by Professor Charles Inderjeeth
  • Geriatric residential outreach service summary by Dr Charmaine Chua


Who’s Who in Kwinana and Rockingham – 20 November

General Practitioners, Practice Managers, Nurses, Allied Health and Pharmacists are invited to attend an interactive evening to meet the commissioned WAPHA services in Kwinana and Rockingham. Meet the providers face to face and see what they can offer your patients.

Date:              Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Time:              5.30pm - 7.30pm
Venue:           Hotel Clipper, 20 Patterson Rd, Rockingham
Cost:               Free (canapes and drinks provided)
RSVP:             by Tuesday November 13 by clicking here 


The Ehlers-Danlos Society Learning Conference Australia – 10 to 11 December

After years of demand and need The Ehlers-Danlos Society is very excited to bring together in Australia leading world experts to discuss the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and related disorders, including the recently-described hypermobility spectrum disorders.

Date:               Monday, 10 December – Tuesday, 11 December 2018    
Time:               8.00am – 6.00pm (Day 1), 7.30am – 6.00pm (Day 2)
Venue:            Curtin University Building 410, Kent Street, Bentley Perth WA 6102
Cost:                $150 (Day 1), $350 (Day 2)  
Register:        To register, please click here


Health promotion events coming up

Is your practice looking for a health promotion activity for your practice?  Each edition we provide a list of upcoming health promotion activities for the coming months along with resources and contact details.

You can also view all health promotion activities for the year by visiting Practice Assist’s health calendar.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is asking Australia to get involved and help create awareness and raise the much-needed funds to help in the fight against prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia with almost 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,500 deaths each year.

To learn more and get involved, please click here.

Dementia Awareness Month

Dementia Awareness Month is Dementia Australia’s national awareness-raising campaign held every year throughout September. 

Its aim is to encourage all Australians to become more aware of dementia, to get a better understanding of what it is like to live with dementia and how we can support people living with dementia.

This year’s theme is Small actions Big difference.

There are many small actions people can take to create a big difference for people impacted by dementia, their families and carers. 

To get involved in Dementia Awareness Month, please click here.

WA Mental Health Week – 7 to 14 October

“Mental health starts where we live, learn, work and play.”

This year, the theme of WA Mental Health Week is all about community and the various settings we go to every day where we can support the wellbeing of others.

Mental Health Week / Day / Month is celebrated all around Australia, with each state adopting their own theme and holding their own events each year. 

Mental Health Week is run in WA by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH), supported by the Government of Western Australia, Mental Health Commission and Lotterywest.

WAAMH is proudly part of Australia's mental health promotion group which plan awareness campaigns around World Mental Health Day.

For more information about what’s on, or to register an event, please visit

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week – 12 to 18 November

The WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (WACCPP) is inviting all practices to register an activity in support of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (12-18 November 2018).

Activity ideas may include an information display, a presentation about cervical screening, a cervical screening clinic or promotion of cervical screening on stakeholder social media sites.

To support an activity stakeholders can access a range of free resources from the WACCPP, including print resources, promotional tools, activities and display materials.

To register an activity, please download the registration form by clicking here.

For more information please contact the WACCPP on 13 15 56 or, or to view the flyer, please click here.  


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