2021 Flu Vaccination Program

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2021 Government-Funded Influenza Immunisation Program for General Practice


Click here to read the FAQs for Influenza Vaccination Distribution 


Information for GPs regarding pre-allocation and vaccine ordering

We thank all providers for their cooperation with WA Health and WAPHA regarding the pre-allocation period and the process has worked well to provide equitable and predictable access to government-funded influenza vaccines for persons aged 65 years and over.

To allow practices to have more flexibility, from today Monday 12 April 2021, practices will begin to order influenza vaccines through the standard WA Health vaccine ordering system.

Please be aware, quantity limits will continue to apply to ensure equitable access to all providers, and while all vaccine products continue to arrive at the WA warehouse.

 For Further information see Information for GPs regarding pre-allocation and vaccine ordering 


Seasonal influenza vaccination in 2021

Orders for influenza vaccines can now be placed through the standard WA Health vaccine ordering system.
When ordering please consider:

  • When placing new orders, please review your order history, and consider your stock on hand, fridge capacity, and forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines, particularly when ordering Fluad® Quad (for persons aged 65 years and over).
  • Please always check your practice’s email account for order confirmation emails generated automatically from the WA Health vaccine distribution system, that notify your practice that the order is packed and ready for distribution.
  • If at any point you cannot receive your delivery of influenza vaccines (due to a cold chain incident, or are closed on your routine delivery day), we request that you immediately contact vaccineorders@health.wa.gov.au. You can on-forward the automated email with your order details that you wish to defer or cancel.

For further information please refer to the WA Immunisation Schedule.
For all enquiries relating to influenza vaccine orders please contact vaccineorders@health.wa.gov.au or go to the WA Health vaccine ordering page.

When will the influenza vaccines be delivered?

Orders (whether pre-allocation influenza or routine) become visible in the Toll on-line ordering system when placed, and automated emails are generated when approved and ready for distribution according to your next scheduled delivery day.

When should we plan our clinics?

Vaccination clinics should be scheduled after the vaccine doses have been received at your practice. Deliveries should occur in line with routine fortnightly delivery schedules in the metropolitan area. In the regional areas, deliveries will be each alternate week following the first delivery.

My practice was not previously set up to participate in the influenza vaccine program. How can we participate this year?

Go to the Toll online ordering system homepage, click on the link to get in contact with the Vaccine Orders team.

Why was pre-allocation only relating to the first six weeks of the influenza vaccination season?

Generally, demand for stock is at its highest in the first few delivery cycles. To ensure vaccine is available across all providers for the entire season, pre-allocating vaccine supports supply to meet demand, as shipments of influenza vaccine product to WA becomes available through the same time period. 

What if I have a cold chain breach and cannot use the vaccines I have in stock?

Providers must advise their WA Health public health unit (Healthy WA)  when a cold chain breach occurs.  If you have been advised by the Public Health Unit (PHU) to discard vaccines, the Vaccine Orders team will be advised by the PHU, and will liaise with you to arrange resupply of vaccine.

Now is the time to review your cold chain storage processes, and ensure your vaccine fridges are fit-for-purpose.  For up to date information review the WA Health cold chain management web page.

How will I know if my patient has received an influenza vaccine or a COVID-19 vaccine in the last two weeks?

Immunisation providers are required to comprehensively screen everyone who wants to be vaccinated. This includes checking the Australian Immunisation Register for the person’s vaccination history. More information on pre-vaccination screening can be found here: https://immunisationhandbook.health.gov.au/vaccination-procedures/preparing-for-vaccination

Will GPs be provided clear guidance for timelines of vaccination between influenza and COVID-19?

  • Routine scheduling and giving of an influenza vaccine with a COVID-19 vaccine on the same day is not recommended.
  • The preferred minimum interval between a dose of seasonal influenza vaccine and a dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (BNT162b2) or the AstraZeneca vaccine (ChAdOx1-S) is 14 days.
  • There is no particular requirement regarding the order of receiving a dose of influenza vaccine and either the first or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • If an influenza vaccine has been inadvertently co-administered or given within a shorter interval than 14 days with a COVID-19 vaccine, revaccination with either vaccine is not considered necessary.
The above advice has been taken from The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) have issued clinical advice statement aims to provide guidance for immunisation program coordinators and immunisation providers on the relative timing of scheduling and giving influenza vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, which can be accessed here:  https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/covid-19-vaccination-atagi-advice-on-influenza-and-covid-19-vaccines

It is best to stay up to date by referring to:  
Email healthpathways@wapha.org.au if you don’t have or have forgotten your username or password

How do I access private supplies of influenza vaccines?

There are a number of providers who distribute private flu vaccination supplies including AMA medical supplies.

What do I do if I need to change my order amount after it has been confirmed?

Contact vaccineorders@health.wa.gov.au via email.  

The contact person for vaccination ordering at my practice has changed, who should I notify?

Log on to the WA Health Vaccine Ordering system and update your provider details.  

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