COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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WAPHA’s role in the vaccine rollout FAQs – updated Wednesday 19 May

What is WAPHA’s role in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in supporting general practice?  

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) plays a lead role in supporting GPs and GP Respiratory Clinics to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout by:

  • answering questions relating to how or where to obtain assistance, appropriate escalation points for any incidents, how to resolve COVID vaccination program concerns and policy related issues
    • providing basic assistance with the online portal in response to technical confidence matters (not technical issues)
      • liaising between practices and the Department of Health to:  
       - obtain responses to program related questions from practices  

       - field practice requests to withdraw, delay or modify their participation in the program  

       - communicate departmental messages to practices

       - provide strategic advice/guidance on local issues and concerns.  

WAPHA is also assisting the Australian Government with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for people accessing residential aged care and disability support services. To achieve this, WAPHA works closely with key partners including the WA Department of Health, Rural Health West, AMA, ACCRM, WAGPET, RACGP and Aboriginal Controlled Health Organisations.

Can WAPHA direct us to the key resources and contacts for COVID-19 related queries?

To make it easy for practices to find the key resources and contacts for COVID-19 related queries, the team at WAPHA has compiled the following fact sheet.

Practice support for vaccine providers FAQs – updated Wednesday 19 May

How is WAPHA communicating with practices about COVID-19?

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) emails out a weekly GP Update, in conjunction with WA Department of Health, Australian Medical Association (WA), Rural Health West, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, WA General Practice Education and Training and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners WA. 

You can subscribe to the update  here.

Our practice support staff are in regular contact with general practices to offer advice and support, and our Practice Assist helpline (1800 2 ASSIST) has additional staffing to ensure calls are answered promptly.

How is WAPHA helping practices to implement telehealth? 

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has partnered with Healthdirect Australia to support general practices in Western Australia to deliver video consulting capability in a bid to help contain the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  Find out more and register your interest.

Is WAPHA providing training and education at this time?

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has provided a series of webinars on topics such as familiarisation with Healthdirect Video Call and virtual Communities of Practice to discuss infection control, mental health and future proofing your practice during COVID-19.  Find out more.

This is in addition to the intensive support provided by our Practice Assist helpline, website and Practice Support Staff.

How is WAPHA supporting pharmacies and allied health practices during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) is working closely with the WA branches of the Pharmacy Guild and Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and allied health peak bodies to ensure their members are heard and informed. This includes sending these organisations up to date information on mask ordering and other relevant information. 

You can order masks via this online order form.

Vaccine rollout FAQs – updated Wednesday 19 May

How can we change our practice details on the Vaccine Clinic Finder?

The Vaccine Clinic Finder is part of the Eligibility Checker. It shows participating practices in geographical locations for those patients who are eligible in the current phase of the rollout once they have completed the Eligibility Checker. 

If your practice details are incorrect in the Vaccine Clinic Finder, contact Practice Assist with all the relevant details. This information will be sent to the Australian Government Department of Health for updating in the Vaccine Clinic Finder.

Where can our patients aged under 50 years get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine? 

People aged under 50 years who are considered frontline workers as part of the Phase 1a and Phase 1b rollout can receive a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at a State-run vaccination clinic. Their employer would have sent them an invite asking them to register and create and account in the VaccinateWA booking system.  

As more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines become available, more people in Phase 1a and 1b priority groups will be offered an appointment at a State-run vaccination clinic. 

Where can I get information about administering the COVID-19 vaccination?

When searching for a clinical resource, we recommend using the COVID-19 HealthPathways (email for log in details) or visit the WA Health COVID-19 vaccination information for health providers webpage.

Where can I find information about stock management?  

For any queries related to stock management, we recommend referring to the Onboarding Pack.

Is the CVAS being regularly updated? 

The COVID-19 Vaccine Administrative System (CVAS) is being regularly updated to improve functionality. From 15 May 2021, sites will not be able to progress to the ordering phase within CVAS unless the Stock Management Form has been completed. Please note the Stock Management Form is due by midnight on Friday each week. 

Where can I get information regarding vaccine supply? 

All queries relating to vaccine supply and logistics should be directed to the Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) on 1800 318 208 or via email. WAPHA has no control regarding supply and allocation of vaccines.

Are there AstraZeneca vaccine batches that are due to expire?

There are AstraZeneca vaccine batches (PW40043, PW40038 and PV46672) that are due to expire on 30 June 2021. Please check the batch expiry dates on your vaccines and rotate the stock appropriately to minimise the risk of vaccine doses expiring.

What can I do with excess AstraZeneca vaccine doses that are about to expire? 

For stock management, refer to the Onboarding Pack. For specific questions related to vaccine supply and logistics, contact the Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) on 1800 318 208 or via email.

What do I need to know about training requirements?  

It is a requirement that all participating practices regularly check for updates to the training modules. WA practices must be qualified to provide vaccinations in line with both Commonwealth and WA requirements. The Australian Government vaccination training page has the latest training modules.  

It is also important to complete the short WA supplementary module as it provides WA specific information which is not captured in the Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination training program.

Where can I find reliable patient resources?  

We recommend using HealthPathways as a source of accurate information for your patients (email for log in details).

Can I amend the patient consent form to require the patient to return to my practice for their second dose? 

No, practices cannot amend the consent form. Patients are not required to attend the same practice for both doses of the vaccine and cannot be advised that they are required to do so. It is good practice to encourage patients to book for their second dose at the time of their first dose, but this is not a requirement.

How are the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out in Australia? 

The Australian, State and Territory Governments are committed to successful immunisation of Australians with a safe and effective vaccine. Each government has different roles and responsibilities in the delivery of the vaccine. The Australian Government’s responsibility includes specifying priority populations, drawing on advice from ATAGI. More information can be found in the Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Information on the specific phases of the vaccination program can be accessed here and the Australian Government Department of Health provides more information on the rollout strategy
For further information, refer to the COVID-19 Vaccines Stakeholder Kit .

Clinical information FAQs – updated Wednesday 19 May

Where can I find clinical information on COVID-19 and the vaccines?

HealthPathways WA is a secure, online portal that includes information and resources to support GPs for COVID-19 vaccination. For up to date clinical information, we recommend using the COVID-19 HealthPathways (email for log in details).

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