Mask Distribution

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Surgical mask supply for allied health practices

WA Primary Health Alliance has received an allocation of surgical masks from the Australian Government Department of Health for distribution to allied health practices for allied health professionals likely to be working in direct close contact with higher risk or vulnerable populations, who have limited ability to manipulate their work practices to reduce transmission risk, and where no or limited commercial supply is available.

To comply with Department of Health requirements and ensure equitable access across Western Australia, WAPHA will provide an allocation of masks to eligible allied health practices who meet the above criteria.

In general, the allocation will be one box (50 surgical masks) per practice, re-orders will be permitted, however re-orders will not be accepted within five business days (Mon-Fri) of the previous request.

For mask requests, practices are asked to complete the COVID19 Request Form. Practices should also familiarise themselves with the appropriate use of surgical masks.

Surgical Masks

The Department of Health is providing access to a limited stockpile of surgical masks for general practices and community pharmacies.

PHNs have been given the role of distributing surgical masks to practices and community pharmacies with a demonstrated need, for example:
  • where there is no local supply available commercially
  • where practices or pharmacies have a population which may be more likely to have been exposed to COVID-19
  • where practices or pharmacies have an unusual number of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms.
Surgical masks should be used for patients who present to practices or pharmacies with suspected COVID-19 and for staff who are at risk of exposure, and are not for resale or general use. We are assessing requests for additional boxes on a case-by-case basis for those practices or pharmacies who have a significant demonstrated need.  

Mask order form

For mask requests, please complete the COVID-19 Item Request Form.
  • We are only permitted to supply masks to general practices, pharmacies and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations.
  • Other organisations should read our FAQs  to find out what arrangements the Australian Government Department of Health has in place.
  • Re-orders will not be accepted within a week of the previous request, except in exceptional circumstances. 

N95 Masks

As part of the continued response into the COVID-19 outbreak, the Department of Health has supplied PHNs with a limited allocation of N95 masks.

WA Primary Health Alliance is currently distributing these N95 masks to general practices.
Updated guidelines for the use of N95 masks confirm these are to be used ONLY by the health care professional caring for the very sick patient, suspected of having COVID-19 and not the patient, who should be given a surgical mask.
N95 masks are to be reserved for health professionals dealing with patients with uncontrollable coughing, and when undertaking aerosol generating procedures.
General practices are only expected to undertake detailed assessments, if there is no suitable facility for assessment nearby, for example an Emergency Department or COVID clinic.
As such, N95 masks are not being distributed to general practices in the metropolitan area, due to their proximity to either an Emergency Department or COVID Clinic to which they can refer a patient for a detailed assessment.
 Read more about the eligibility guidelines, and guidance on the supply of masks from the National Medical Stockpile.
Surgical masks remain the appropriate mask to use when assessing patients whose symptoms are suggestive of COVID-19 and meet the case definition.

Protecting our primary care workforce

Total masks distributed by WA Primary Health Alliance during the COVID-19 pandemic to practices and pharmacies in the region: ​​



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