HealthPathways WA

When searching for a clinical resource, referral pathway or diagnostic tool, we recommend using HealthPathways WA.

HealthPathways is a ‘one-stop shop’ that supports clinicians by allowing access to concise information on clinical assessment, management and local referral information during patient consultations. The HealthPathways WA site is designed to be used at point of care primarily by general practitioners (GPs) but is also available to hospital specialists, nurses and other health professionals across Western Australia.

The secure portal is not intended for use by patients, however there are appropriate local resources available for GPs to provide to their patients.
HealthPathways is a program which aims to maximise health outcomes for our community.

HealthPathways WA uses a highly successful New Zealand model which aims to maximise health outcomes for our community and is:

  • Designed to improve health services delivery across WA
  • Tailored to local health services (e.g., referrals to local specialists)
  • Aimed at improving collaboration between general practitioners and specialists.
You can access the HealthPathways portal or contact the HealthPathways team for login details.
Practice Assist acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners and Elders of this country
and recognises the significant importance of their cultural heritage, values and beliefs and how these
contribute to the positive health and wellbeing of the whole community.