HealthPathways WA helps clinicians easily navigate their patients through the complex primary, community and tertiary healthcare systems.

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Administered by WA Primary Health Alliance and in collaboration with the WA Department of Health, this free-to-access, secure online portal provides health professionals guidance on best practice for assessing, managing and referring patients across Western Australia.

The aim of the pathways is to improve health equity by providing registered health professionals working in WA access to up to date and consistent clinical and referral information to support all Western Australians.

More than 650 HealthPathways have been localised for WA. Unlike traditional guidelines, pathways are succinct and easily used during a consultation. Pathways are developed by local GPs, in consultation with local specialists, and consider different patient population needs, and locally available resources and referral options (when available). They are evidence-based and summarise locally relevant and agreed upon assessment, management, and referral advice on key patient presentations.

To learn more, view our short demonstration video.

Benefits for health professionals

HealthPathways WA accelerates the delivery of evidence into practice and supports health professionals to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
HealthPathways integrate Referral Access Criteria (RAC) into applicable pathways (where possible) to simplify the referral process.
HealthPathways supports health professionals in facilitating a seamless and complete patient journey by combining clinical and health service information in one place.

Access to HealthPathways WA

Although primarily written for general practitioners, all health professionals registered to practice in WA and practice staff can request access to the portal. To access HealthPathways:
  1. Complete the login request form
  2. Log on to the HealthPathways website
  3. Search for the patient’s presentation to access assessment and management guidance.
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