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Aboriginal Health Directories

  • Perth Metro and Country WA 

Aboriginal Health Initiatives 

  • Integrated Team Care (ITC)
  • Health Assessments for Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander People (Item 715)
  • PBS List for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander patients 
  • Practice Incentive Program - Indigenous Health Incentive (PIP-IHI)
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Co-payment Measure
  • Indigenous Health Project Officers 
Integrated Team Care 
  • Perth Metro and Country WA
Travel Assistance 
  • Perth Metro and Country WA

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

The RACGP is committed to raising awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health needs and as a result, RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health was formed in February 2010, to help 'close the gap'.

An overview of the faculty and its activities is available

Resources from the RACGP

Cultural Wealth Community Health

This publication, developed by Rural Health West, is an introduction to cultural awareness for health professionals working with and caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Western Australia. In the hope of achieving better health outcomes, the resource raises awareness about mutual respect and cultural understanding which underpins all aspects of the development of strong relationships with Indigenous patients and communities.

The resource is available online, or if you prefer a hard copy of the publication please contact Rural Health West or download an order form.

Cultural awareness training

It is recommended that medical and health professionals undertake cultural awareness and safety training prior to commencing work in Western Australia. 

The resources provided below are designed to develop further understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and how to deliver culturally appropriate healthcare.

Online Cultural Awareness and Safety Training

Registered Cultural Awareness and Safety Training Providers

Resource Library 

Practice Assist acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners and Elders of this country and recognises the significant importance of their cultural heritage, values and beliefs and how these contribute to the positive health and wellbeing of the whole community.

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