WAPHA Portals for General Practice

WAPHA Portals for General Practice

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has many ways we interact with organisations. The following information outlines our portals and their use.


Quick Guide

Primary Care Reporting Portal


Coming Soon

The Primary Care Reporting Portal (PCRP) has been developed by WA Primary Health Alliance, designed from a digital transformation perspective to manage and provide timely, safe, secure and reliable access to your practice's information.  

The portal is an encrypted platform and will use validated access control, ensuring a safe and secure method of delivery and access for practices while providing real-time reporting of practice information. 

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, this portal aims to replace the requirement on receiving manual PDF reports from WAPHA, and instead offers management and submission of data through the cloud-based system. As an added benefit you will also be able to view these reports in an enhanced visual format through dashboard Power BI reporting. 

The PCRP is designed for general practices who share data with WAPHA via Primary Sense, and will give on demand access to the following: 

  • My Practice Data Report – This is a data summary report for those practices sharing data with WAPHA for PIP QI and for practice quality improvement activities. At this time your My Practice Report will have information about the 10 PIP QI measures for your practice. Further development will see these reports expanded to show other measures.
  • News Feed – This news feed will keep you up to date with the latest news, issues and information on the Primary Sense tool and other information specific to general practice.

Accessing your practices PCRP

Stages of Release

The PCRP is being released in 2 stages.

  • Stage 1 – One nominated administration to commence with access to your organisation’s information in the PCRP. Access is enabled by WAPHA. 
  • Stage 2 – More than one PCRP user possible for each organisation. Access and approval for additional users managed by the nominated administration person or persons. The release date for Stage 2 is yet to be determined. Communication will be sent to all PCRP users when this is available.
The initial release tests the platform and is being undertaken to measure your overall experience and inform us of any improvements that can be made for a wider release in the future. 

Future development

  • Practices sharing data with WAPHA via the WAPHA Data Upload Facility will be onboarded to the PCRP and be able to access their My Practice Data Reports.
  • Expansion of reports available within PCRP.
For all enquiries on using or access to the PCRP please contact Practice Assist.



WA Primary Health Alliance ASPIRE Portal is used for interactions of a financial nature. Grants, payments, reimbursement and purchase orders, are all managed through our ASPIRE Portal. All organisations that intend to engage with WAPHA for the purpose of grant funding that may be available to your practice will need to utilise the ASPIRE portal to apply and receive payment.

Setting up in ASPIRE

All organisations will need to be registered in the ASPIRE portal as a supplier before they can engage in any applications for funding, receive payments via Purchase Orders or reimbursements. This guide will help you to register:

Maintaining your ASPIRE supplier information

To ensure that your organisation can apply for funding/grant opportunities and receive payments, you will need to maintain the information you originally submitted within ASPIRE. This includes:
  • The Authorised Representative – This is a person who is authorised by your organisation to sign and be legally responsible for financial commitments.
  • Contact Information – Contact information in ASPIRE is used for essential contact on any financial matter. This includes email, phone and address details.
  • Organisation details – This includes your businesses full legal name, ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number), and Tax organisation type (Corporate, Trust, Partnership, etc.)
  • Bank Account details: BSB, Account, Account Name
  • Address information – This includes all individual Practice address details sitting under your ABN/s. If there is a change of ownership, you are required to update this information within the ASPIRE portal under your supplier record.
Without up-to-date information delays in payments and communications may occur.

We suggest your organisation implements regular checks of the information in your WAPHA ASPIRE Portal and ahead of any applications for grant funding, payments, or reimbursements if you believe any information has changed.

For all enquiries on use or access to the WAPHA ASPIRE portal please contact Practice Assist.

WAPHA Data Upload Facility – Data Sharing


Data sharing for Practice Incentive Scheme Quality Improvement (PIP QI) can be through the Primary Sense data extraction tool or via a JSON file download from practice management software and submission via the WAPHA Data Upload Facility.

Practices who have chosen to submit data via JSON file, or who use practice management software that is currently incompatible with the Primary Sense tool, submit their data in JSON file format to the WAPHA Data Upload Facility once per PIP Quarter.

An email is sent at each submission period to the main contact for the practice. This email serves as a prompt for submission and provides an individual link for uploading of the JSON file.

Information on using the WAPHA Portal for JSON file submission:

For all enquiries on data sharing via the WAPHA Data Upload Facility please contact Practice Assist.

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